Radio Latin-Amerika in Oslo, Norway, Elevates Broadcasting with AerOn Studio Software

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Oslo, Norway, 13-03-2024 - Radio Latin America is thrilled to announce a milestone collaboration with Broadcast Partners from the Netherlands. Welcoming the Broadcast Partners Crew, to its studios in Oslo, Radio Latin America is poised to introduce a state-of-the-art radio broadcasting software suite with AerOn Studio in combination with the newly built studio by Eivind Engberg, Chief Technical Advisor at Norsk lokalradioforbund.

It has been exiting days for its employees at Radio Latin-Amerika. The popular radio station, based in Oslo, Norway has invested time and effort to get their employees up to speed for using the new system. AerOn Studio represents the latest in radio technology and is increasingly popular with radio stations worldwide. With this software suite fully integrated with the brand new DHD SX2 digital mixing panel in the studio. Radio Latin-Amerika is now well equipped to deliver optimal radio broadcasts, says Hans Dahle, Leader of the popular radio station which is founded in 1987 and broadcasts programs in the Oslo region on FM 105.8 MHz, DAB+, but is also popular worldwide on line.

In addition, Broadcast Partners also connected and integrated AerOn studio with AIM Rapid, a service that delivers visuals alongside music track, enhanced the show information, news alerts, and much more across FM, DAB+ and connected cars, web, and mobile platforms.

The collaboration marks a major quality step forward for Radio Latin-Amerika, since AerOn Studio provides the radio station with a lot of added value in the form of being able to realize an improved music format, expand the possibilities in the studio and also automates complex circuits efficiently, which saves the staff a lot of time. So AerOn Studio, seamlessly integrated with other new equipment, ensures that the radio station can deliver quality content to its audience.”

“Many thanks to Broadcast Partners for their efforts and commitment”, say representatives from Radio Latin America. “We look forward to continuing the collaboration and exploring new opportunities together.”